Darby’s No Oat Granola

After I had been on the SCD diet for a couple of months I began having the worst cravings for cereal, pop-tarts, and other horrible breakfast foods. I broke down one day and ate a bowl of cereal. I was so disappointed. It was way to sweet and artificial tasting. Even after knowing that it wasn’t as good as it once was, I still craved it. I came to the realization that it wasn’t cereal I was craving it was the idea of cereal. So I went on a journey to find my version of cereal. I tried a variety of recipes on pintrest and this is what is ended up with…

Darby’s No Oat  Granola

Handful of Almonds,

Handful of Walnuts

1/2 handful of hazelnuts

2 handfuls of pecans

2 handfuls of unsweetened coconut

6 – 7 dates ( I like to get the ones that are pitted and rolled in coconut)

2 tbs of Honey

2 tsp of vanilla ( all natural no sugar added)

1 tbs of Cinnamon

!/2 tsp of nutmeg

1/2 tsp of all spice

3tbs of coconut oil



In a food processor combine nuts, coconut, and dates. Pulse until slightly ground up. It usually takes about 30 seconds for me.


In a large bowl melt coconut oil. Stir in honey, vanilla, and spices.



Add nut mixture and stir till well mixed.



Press out flat on a greased cookie sheet. Bake for 15 minutes on 375. Be sure to stir at the 7 minute mark. Times will vary depending own your oven. Be sure to check often. When it starts to brown it is finished. Do not let it burn, it does not taste good extra crispy. When cool place in an air tight container. * Do Not Refrigerate* This will cause the dates to harden and it will be very hard to chew.


Enjoy with unsweetened coconut milk and fresh fruit. Yummy!




Homemade Danactive

My whole family loves the Danactive drinkable yogurt, so I figure I should try to make a SCD version of it.  So far my favorite is the peach, but you can make what ever flavor you like.

2 cups of the SCD Yogurt

3 peaches

2 tbs of honey

1 tsp of vanilla

Peel the peaches  and chop into cubes. Blend until smooth. Add in yogurt, honey, and vanilla. Blend till smooth. Pour into your containers. I love to use the tall baby food containers. They are the perfect size.

Lucas prefers the vanilla ones. They are good but I find the honey flavor a little strong. I would recommend 3 tbs of honey and 1 tbs of vanilla, but please taste and adjust to your preferences.

Homemade Danactive


Sweet tea my other lover

I’m a southern girl through and through. I’m crazy about biscuits and gravy, fried chicken and mashed potatoes, all the good stuff. My one true love is good sweet tea. Drinking unsweetened tea felt like a betrayal to my family. My journey to a healthy primal diet most definitely did not include sugar. So I broke down and made a gallon of unsweetened tea and tried to choke it down. It was terrible. I decided to start in small doses. Hot unsweetened herbal tea was the perfect “gateway” drink for me. I then moved onto a gallon of mint unsweetened tea. Yummy! Now I am a true convert I love my unsweetened tea. Yes, I feel like a Yankee when I order it in front of my family. When one of my customers orders a tall glass of sweet tea my stomach clenches with jealousy at seeing my lover in someone’s hands. Yet I have done it! I am sweet tea free since October 2012. The point is if I can give up sweet tea, you can give up your vice too. I believe in you!

Homemade Yogurt

Homemade Yogurt

Invest in a yogurt maker! This is the yogurt maker I bought and I love it! You will need a yogurt starter. There are a lot of them out there but this is my favorite Yogurt Starter. Trust me this investment is worth it. Now that you have the tools here is the recipe.

Heat 8 cups of whole milk on low heat. Check the temperature of your yogurt often using the thermometer that came with your yogurt maker. Raise the heat slightly each time you check the temperature till it reaches 180 degrees. Stir often. A film of fat will form at the surface of your milk, just remove with the spoon and discard. Once the milk has reached 180 degrees remove from heat. The milk must now cool to 100 degrees. Add your starter. The amount you use will depend on the starter you purchase. Stir well. Place milk in the yogurt maker. IMPORTANT Different yogurt makers will have different suggested cook times on them, but please cook your yogurt for 24hrs. The longer fermentation time leads to a higher probiotic count. This will help ease the digestion of the dairy.


  • When cooling the milk transfer it to a new pot and stir often to cool faster.
  • Do not cool milk in the fridge or freezer. This will lead to very runny yogurt. Yuck!
  • Plan a head. The heating and cooling process takes a while.

About Me

Hi! My name is Darby. I am a young wife and mother of two. I am a full time mommy and part time waitress. I understand tired and busy. I have started this blog to share my journey through the paleo diet.

Why Paleo/SCD?

In September of 2012 I started getting really ill. I had severe stomach cramps, gas, diarrhea, and vomiting. It was horrible. At first I thought it was just a virus, but it didn’t get better. At the advice of my mother I eliminated gluten and dairy but I only saw a minor improvement. My mother then recommended the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. If you are not familiar with the SCD please check it out. The people over at Breaking the Vicious Cycle do a wonderful job explaining it. It is very similar to the paleo diet. When I began the SCD lifestyle I believed that I could follow there diet and by Thanksgiving I could eat whatever I wanted. The diet worked miracles! As long as I ate what they said I felt great. If I cheated I got sick. By the time Thanksgiving came around I had given up in the idea that i would ever be able to eat “good” food again. I accepted that this was going to have to be a lifestyle change. I wasn’t happy about it. In April 2013 I began to “cheat” on my diet and amazingly enough I didn’t get sick! I was shocked that it actually worked. I was healed! So of course being someone who has no concept of the color grey, I completely went off my diet and ate terrible foods. That caught up to me really quickly. After gaining 10 pounds in a month and having all of the energy sucked out of me I began to believe in moderation. The Paleo diet allows for a 85% on 15% off philosophy that I love, and SCD lets me have some dairy that I crave.  I have found my happy medium with a combination of the two.